The News and Brews Podcast

10/1: Politics, Climate Change, and Space

October 2, 2016

The guys reviewed 3 beers this week: Well's Banana Bread Beer, Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale, and DieselPunk Pilsner. They discuss Marco Rubio's good deeds in helping victims of a traffic collision, the post debate coverage, the race for Oregon Governor, and the Passing of the point of no return on Climate Change.

A brief intermission

Justyn comes back with news on a boy in China born with Blue eyes, Europe's Rosetta Probe, and the UN developing its own space agency for countries without space programs. They then discuss culture, art and the public domain.


Samuel Smith's Nut Brown6.75

Siesel Punk Pilsner 6.25

Banana Bread Beer: 8.125

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