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7/2: Election 2016, Campaign Finance, Racism, Jupiter, and Silly Lists

This weeks beers are Pranqster's Belgian Golden Ale (6.125/10) and Bridgeport Brewing's Cream Ale (7.25/10).

They discuss the Clinton and Trump campaigns' scandals of the week, the racism found in a politician's campaign billboards, the racist mess up on a pool poster by the Red Cross, and the fumble by the Portland Police during a manhunt early Friday Morning. They also discuss cool new sounds recorded by the Juno orbiter as it passed through Jupiter's magnetosphere and they wrap up with silly lists about Student loans and ridiculous charity causes.

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6/25: Brexit, Venezuela, Dinosaurs, Blackholes and More!

Josh and Wook enjoy three great beers on a hot summer day in Portland. Tsunami Stout from Pelican Brewing, Hoppy Bitch IPA, and Dead Guy Ale. They discuss the implications of Brexit, the update to the Venezuelan crisis, Dinosaurs with lips and Chickens with teeth, blackholes colliding, Stairway to Heaven, and decide on the Drunk Beer Review for next week.

Beer reviews:

Pelican Stout: 7.75/10

Hoppy Bitch IPA: 8.25/10

Dead Guy Ale: 8.5/10

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6/18: Beers first, News from E3, depressing news, and the guys play a game with Mike

The guys this week are joined once again by their good friend Mike! They hit it hard this week with a flight of six beers all at the begining of the show:

Lost Coast Raspberry Brown Ale: 7.66/10 average
Breakside Brewery Pilsner: 6.16/10 average
Oakshire IPA: 6.5/10 Average
Sharkinator IPA: 7.33/10 Average
Breakside Oligarch Stout: 5.66/10 average
Eighball Stout: 7.16/10 Average

Mike talks about some of the news from E3 including talk of new gaming systems from the big 3 companies, a new resident evil game, and the implications of the internet on gaming expos like E3. Josh brings up talk of politics including the crisis in Venezuela continuing to spiral out of control, some depressing news out of Taiwan, a medical emergency in Antarctica, and the Trump campaign already seeking emergency fundraising this early in the general election race.

Justyn talks about the a naked man in Atlanta, the child killed by Aligators in Disneyland, and finally gives the guys a quiz on the medical reasons for sex.

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6/11: Stanford Rape Case, Venezuela, Feminism and Phil Davison

Return of the special guest: STELLA!!!!!

Josh and Stella Discuss the Stanford Rape Case and the bullshit sentence passed down, including an expanded talk about how Rape is punished in different ways around the country and the bullshit bias that the judge showed.

They then move on to politics with a discussion about the Venezuelan Crisis, Norway's move to no gas powered cars by 2025, and overall discussion about Climate Change.

Stella presents an interesting perspective regarding feminism and the reasons why Men also need feminism.

They move onto the beer reviews, where they reviewed two great beers:

Yowie Brewing's Sour Ale with Lychee Fruit and Rose Hips


Anderson Brewing's Oatmeal Stout


Oatmeal Stout: 7.5/10 average
Sour Ale: 8.75/10 average

The show finishes with the playing of an old clip from the 2010 elections where Phil Davison, a republican in Stark County, Ohio, ran for County Treasurer and delivered a ridiculous speech to his county party nominating convention.


5/29: Trump, Science, Buddhist Temple Stabbings, and Cosmo Sex Tips gon awry!

The guys start the show off talking about personal stories from their week of work and the daily grind. They review two beers this week: 10 Barrel Brewing Cucumber Sour and Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale. The guys discuss election news, a Buddhist temple stabbing, and Justyn lists off the worst sex advice ever given by Cosmo Magazine. Also a brand new INTRO!!!!!

Beer ratings:

Old Chub: 5.75

Cucumber Sour: 6.25


5/21: Back from a break, New Intro, South America Turmoil, Man fights Cougar, Congress tries to fuck you

The guys are back after a 3 week hiatus. They discuss the new additions to the show and talk about two new beers: Gigantic Brewing's Holy Oak Sour Ale and Feckin' Irish Brewing Co's Top o' the feckin' mornin Imperial Espresso Porter. They then get into the news: Problems in Latin and South America, a man fights off a cougar, the advances of science, the false choices presented by congress, and many other stories.

The beer reviews:

Gigantic Sour Ale: 6/10

Feckin' Porter: 7.25/10


Intro 1

The first intro we've recorded for the show. Enjoy!


Mini Show: May the 4th be with you!!!

Josh brings a couple of stories this week to your attention whilst drinking a shock top Belgian ale. Enjoy!!!


4/23: Prince dies, Activism, Technology, and Flint Michigan

The guys review two beers this week: Alameda's Rose City Red Ale and a classic, Guinness Extra Stout.

They discuss the fallout and reactions around the death of beloved artist Prince. They talk about the comments made by President Obama regarding Black Lives Matter and their approach to activism and how they should "compromise" more. Justyn discusses some great advances in technology such as 1D carbon fibers, urine powered fuel cells, and more. Josh brings up the criminal charges filed in response to the Flint Water Crisis and how Clinton has ignored the problem ever since the end of the primary in Michigan.

Beer Reviews:

Alameda Rose City Red: 7.25/10

Guinness Extra Stout: 8/10

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4/9/16: Panama Papers, Science and Singularity, KickStarter Fraud, Politics and the return of Mike!

The return of the one and only, the fabulous Michael Caruso! The guys review 3 beers today: Break side Brewery's Lunch Break Indian Session Ale, Eel River Brewing's Triple Exultation Old Ale, and Elysian's Hawaiian Sunburn Sour Ale.

They discuss the initial fallout of the panama papers, the state of science and the approaching singularity. They also discuss the Kickstarter fraud associated with the Chameleon gaming system. Rick Scott gets called an asshole, and Trump donates to the 9/11 museum in order to score political points and pander to the masses.

Beer Reviews:

Triple Exultation Old Ale: 6.5/10

Lunch Break Session Ale: 6.83/10

Hawaiian Sunburn Habenero Sour Ale: 8.16/10