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8/20: Space Talk, Moon Mining, and EpiPen Price increase! Are Josh and Wook Time Travelers?

August 22, 2016

The guys start the show discussing their recent time travelling escapades. Are they indeed time travelers?

Then the conversation turns serious talking about the Price increases of the EpiPen since 2009 from $100 to $600 per 2-pack of pens. Then they discuss the newest ventures into space mining, NASA releases its research onto the internet. Find the link Here:[Filter]

They also discuss an epic showdown on a New York Subway of a Woman confronting a public masterbator on a subway and the sound clips from it are EPIC!

They reviewed 3 beers this week:

Pacific Ale Sweet As: 7.625/10

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez: 9.25/10

Elysian's Blood Orange Pale Ale: 7/10

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