The News and Brews Podcast

6/18: Beers first, News from E3, depressing news, and the guys play a game with Mike

June 20, 2016

The guys this week are joined once again by their good friend Mike! They hit it hard this week with a flight of six beers all at the begining of the show:

Lost Coast Raspberry Brown Ale: 7.66/10 average
Breakside Brewery Pilsner: 6.16/10 average
Oakshire IPA: 6.5/10 Average
Sharkinator IPA: 7.33/10 Average
Breakside Oligarch Stout: 5.66/10 average
Eighball Stout: 7.16/10 Average

Mike talks about some of the news from E3 including talk of new gaming systems from the big 3 companies, a new resident evil game, and the implications of the internet on gaming expos like E3. Josh brings up talk of politics including the crisis in Venezuela continuing to spiral out of control, some depressing news out of Taiwan, a medical emergency in Antarctica, and the Trump campaign already seeking emergency fundraising this early in the general election race.

Justyn talks about the a naked man in Atlanta, the child killed by Aligators in Disneyland, and finally gives the guys a quiz on the medical reasons for sex.

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