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Season 2, Episode 1: 2016 in review and 2017 predictions

Josh and Justyn break down their favorite and worse moments of 2016 and bring you their silly and serious expectations for the coming year. Hang on to your assholes kids, its gonna be a rough ride.


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Southern North Interview

Awesome Interview with Southern North! they are an awesome Rock/Americana band that frequents the Fo/Po scene and is always down for a good jam session at Ben Will's studio. Wook and Josh messed up the audio in the beginning of the interview but it is fixed quickly and really is a golden interview.


Cedar Lee Interview

We got to sit down with Cedar lee and discuss her oil paintings and how she became the artist she is today. she is one of the many artist we met at Ben Will's gallery but without a doubt one of our favorites!


Interview with Ben Will

Our interview with Ben Will at his art opening at Ben Will studios!a long time coming after our brief break from regular broadcast. We got to talk to the very talented Ben Will about his artistic development and success


10/22: Polls, Louisianna, Movies, and more

Josh and Wook bring you a light hearted show for the most part. They discuss the latest presidential polls, the Louisianna Senate Seat Race and how a racist managed to get into the debates. They discuss a new social credit program being rolled out by the Chinese Government. The California National Guard is making soldiers pay back enlistment bonuses and Toyota is unleashing a new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus.

Wook discusses some new hip-hop/rap news, the latest Star Wars news, and some other pop culture developments.

They reviewed two beers

Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Beer: 7.25/10
Pyramid 1977 Portland Lager: 5/10


10/1: Politics, Climate Change, and Space

The guys reviewed 3 beers this week: Well's Banana Bread Beer, Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale, and DieselPunk Pilsner. They discuss Marco Rubio's good deeds in helping victims of a traffic collision, the post debate coverage, the race for Oregon Governor, and the Passing of the point of no return on Climate Change.

A brief intermission

Justyn comes back with news on a boy in China born with Blue eyes, Europe's Rosetta Probe, and the UN developing its own space agency for countries without space programs. They then discuss culture, art and the public domain.


Samuel Smith's Nut Brown6.75

Siesel Punk Pilsner 6.25

Banana Bread Beer: 8.125

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9/24: Election News, Bradgelina Breakup, Botox for your manjunk, Harambe and pizza surveys

Josh and Wook review 3 beers today: WIki Wiki Sour Ale, Henry Wienhards Private Reserve Lager, and Hop Valley Light me up Lager. They discuss Election 2016, Pop culture news, the new Botox surgery for men's balls, and some Harambe news!

Light Me Up Lager: 3.5/10

Henry Weinhards Private Reserve: 7/10

Wiki Wiki Tart Sour Ale: 5.25/10

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9/4: The establishment Strikes back, Tech advances, DCCC vs BLM, Chicago PD updates, and Justyn’s love surveys

The guys discuss the recent defeats in Florida by the establishment democrats against their progressive challengers, tech advancements in medical field and robotics, they discuss the leaked memo from Gucifer 2.0 regarding the BLM movement and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "tactics" in dealing with the BLM movement. Josh gives an update on the Chicago Police Shooting of Laquan McDonald and the charges being filed against some of the officers implicated in the video evidence, and finally Justyn gives some surveys that may shed light onto your love life.

The guys review 3 beers:

Dragonstooth Stout: 8.5/10

Dundee Porter: 4.5/10

Cascade Brewing Cranberry Sour: 8.5/10


8/20: Space Talk, Moon Mining, and EpiPen Price increase! Are Josh and Wook Time Travelers?

The guys start the show discussing their recent time travelling escapades. Are they indeed time travelers?

Then the conversation turns serious talking about the Price increases of the EpiPen since 2009 from $100 to $600 per 2-pack of pens. Then they discuss the newest ventures into space mining, NASA releases its research onto the internet. Find the link Here:[Filter]

They also discuss an epic showdown on a New York Subway of a Woman confronting a public masterbator on a subway and the sound clips from it are EPIC!

They reviewed 3 beers this week:

Pacific Ale Sweet As: 7.625/10

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez: 9.25/10

Elysian's Blood Orange Pale Ale: 7/10

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7/23: RNC reactions, Steve King Racist comments, Alex Jones invades the Young Turks and gets Smacked Down Silly Stories from Wook, the GUYS GET A CALLER!!!!

The guys enjoy 3 new beers this week:

Simpler Times Pilsner: 8.25/10

Full Sail Blood Orange Ale: 7.25/10

Boatswain HLV Ale: 8/10

The guys discuss the fallout from the RNC this past week including Chris Christie's insane speech, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), and the insane ramblings of Alex Jones as he invades the Young Turks stage at the RNC. The guys discuss some sillier stories from other areas of the world.

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